An ETHEREUM Block-chain Technology

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Thrive start is an incubator for startup companies built on the ethereum blockchain
In Multi Countries


THRIVESTART is a technology start-up based around the co-working shared resources community model.THRIVESTART will be a prestigious address to host your new Business and it lets your customers know that you are always up to speed on the latest in technology innovation to our Newsletters, blogs, and posts and for new potential members our YouTube channel provides great introductory Videos and personal profiles presenting our members to the world stage.

THRIVESTART members benefit from the pooled resources of its closed-loop community ecosystem. The community benefits from the use of THRIVECOIN cryptocurrency which has a “digital token” also doubles as “shares” in the community as a whole. As membership increase and use of the currency expands, the value of the currency increases, as would stock in the company.

If ETHEREUM is compared to a great “white shark” in the digital environment and (often used comparison with Bit-Coin being the Lion on the jungle, both apex predators yet in different environments) the THRIVESTART seeks to be the pilot fish in a perfect symbolic relationship with ETHEREUM (SHARK)

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